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To Move or Not Move, That is the Question

moving a houseIf the question is whether or not to move from a Decker Properties apartment, then obviously, the answer is no! But for the many folks moving to one of our wonderful homes, the question is whether you should move your stuff yourself or hire somebody.

The main issue here is money. Like many things in life, there’s often more to moving than meets the eye, so let’s take a clear look at what you’re getting into before you head off to U-Haul.

First, there’s a matter of organization. Your mover will make an appointment to size up your stuff and show up with sufficient boxes and other packing materials to package you up and move you out. On your own, you will no doubt under estimate the supplies you need and have to make three trips to secure all the boxes you need. Plus you’re going to be up all night packing when it turns out this takes longer than you thought and your uncle Jed is coming in the morning with his pickup truck.

And did you remember to get a parking permit for the moving truck? Not to worry, most municipalities now accept online credit card transactions for the payment of citations.

Then there’s a matter of liability. Remember what the airlines told you about the contents shifting during the flight? That applied to moving too. And that’s before you unload anything out of the truck.

Speaking of loads…hey, be careful with that…CRASH! Now what? Who’s going to pay for that? You don’t think uncle Jed carries any insurance do you? Uncle Jed hasn’t held down a steady job in years, that’s why he’s available to help you move.

Ouch, my back! Did you have to drop that on my foot?! Hope you’ve got some insurance for that too. Turns out uncle Jed isn’t getting any younger and neither are you. Remember the steel toed boots next time.

Wouldn’t a few extra hours of overtime at your day job to pay for a mover be easier?