The Secret to Some Fast Cash Part 2

community managerThere’s nothing like a few extra bucks in the bank to put a little more spring in your step. Last time we were talking about helping the landlord to make a little extra money. The logical next step to that arrangement is to become an onsite manager.

Can’t neighbors be annoying? Maybe, but not so much if you get to choose them. Since you’ll be renting the apartments, you get to pick who your neighbors will be. And if anybody does get out of line, you’ll have the authority to impose more linear behavior.

Can’t stand litter and dirt? Good. Call me, you’re just what we’re looking for. You can keep the place up to your high standard and get paid for doing it.

Were you trying to get a tan anyway? Great, you can tan while you’re cutting the grass and get paid for that too.

Know how to get things done? Like to clean? Like working with people? Enjoy being your own boss? If so, we need to talk. Don’t keep me waiting!

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