Decorate Your Digs Part 1

Were you expecting normal? If the mundane is your thing, you’ve come to the wrong place. We do out of the box stuff like three car garages at Wilson Heights and Catalina Crossing and walk-in showers at Mayfair Apartments.

Now to go along with that, here’s a few out of the box decorating ideas for when it’s time spruce up your new apartment at Rivercourt Apartments in Milwaukee:

1. Aquarium Bed

Decorate Your Digs Part 1
Aren’t fish supposed to be soothing? Aren’t you sick of counting sheep? And don’t sheep smell? Consider this aqua bed!

2. Indoor-Outdoor Pool

Decorate Your Digs Part 1
Ok, this one may be a little impractical in our Wisconsin climate, not to mention being a bit of a budget buster. But what if you hit the lottery? You’ve got to be ready for when good fortune smiles your way!

3. Chandelier That Turns Your Room into a Forest

Decorate Your Digs Part 1
Hey, every day can be Halloween now. Pass the candy corn!

4. Swing Set Table

Decorate Your Digs Part 1
This one puts a whole new twist on hanging out.

Be sure to swing back next time to get a glimpse of some more not so traditional ideas for your crib!
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Hand Me That Snow Shovel and Be Grateful We Don’t Live in California

Hand Me That Snow Shovel and Be Grateful We Don’t Live in CaliforniaCalifornia was already the land of lefties before the 2018 election, but now Democrats dominate in the Golden State like never before. And what has one party progressive politics brought about?

One third of all people on welfare in the entire USA live in California. California is also home to the more illegal immigrants than any other state and has a bountiful homeless population too.

The public schools stink, sales taxes are high and the state income tax at 13.3% is one of the highest in the country.

Income equality gets Democrats riled up, but they need look no further than California to find it in abundance.

Lately, the billion-dollar boondoggle of high-speed rail to nowhere is the butt of late-night talk show jokes.

Businesses are overburdened with regulation and let’s not even talk about the traffic.

Meanwhile, here at the Mayfair Apartments in Waupun, Wisconsin, you can still afford a wonderful apartment with walk-in showers, 2 car garages and heat included. I apologize for the winter.

Rent Control, Oregon Style

We talked about it being considered, but now rent control is the law of the land in Oregon. In the past, rent control has been limited to certain cities, primarily in New York and California. But for the first time, an entire state has decided to drink this kool-aide.

Rents have been going up fast in Oregon and it’s not hard to understand why. According to the Wall Street Journal, for every 100 new households formed in Oregon, there has been only 63 new housing units built. Rising demand in the face of inadequate supply always results in higher prices.

So why aren’t the builders building more?

Government regulations designed to reduce urban sprawl and preserve land for farms and forests have resulted in sky high land prices and cities with nowhere to go. Take for example Bend Oregon. In 1990, the population was 20,000. Previous state legislation established an urban growth boundary limited to 20,600 acres. Today the population is 95,000 but available land for development is limited to only 24,000 acres. That’s about 75,000 people, nearly four times as many, competing for a 16.5% increase to land area of just 3,400 acres. No wonder prices are going up.

In other words, government regulation created this problem and now the regulators are going to step in to fix it with additional regulation. Rent control always results in decreased supply of new housing. While the ink is hardly dry on this new law, multi-family permits are already down 64% from a 2017 inclusionary zoning policy that forced landlords to rent 8%-15% of their units at below market rates. This new rent control meddling will precipitate further decline.

Rent Control, Oregon StyleIn the meantime, places like Dallas, Texas are surprisingly affordable and while Dallas has also enjoyed rapid household growth, housing cost have not sky rocketed, for one simple reason: In Dallas, the government will let you build.

If you want to stay in southeastern Wisconsin, we have just the right apartment for you, and affordable too! Where do you want to call home? Fox Lake? Hartford? Milwaukee? Racine? Decker apartments in all of these cities, and many places in between, all the way out to a brand new apartment complex in Madison. Give us a call, we’re right next door.


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Oregon Gone Mad on Rent Control

Oregon Gone Mad on Rent ControlOregon is poised to become the first state to enact rent control state wide. Frustrated with increasing rents, officials believe something must be done.

Never mind that rent control is a bad idea that even lefty economists like Paul Krugman condemn. The problem is, rent control results in diminished supply of new rental units and accelerated deterioration of existing rental housing stock because landlords can’t afford to maintain their properties and why should they? The resulting imbalance of diminished supply to ever increasing demand means that tenants are clamoring to live in poorly maintained junk.

Ironically, exploring the causes of high rent points us right back to government. Government regulation of housing and building codes makes it more difficult and more expensive to supply the market, resulting in higher cost of construction and fewer apartments being built. Higher rents result.

One of the leading proponents of rent control in Oregon is Margot Black of Portland Tenants United. She has this to say about landlords: “Homegrown Oregonians tend to be white and racist…I think the faster they can get out of the landlord business, the better.”

Before anyone reacts to the idea that passing judgment on an entire group of people is itself racist, I want to assure you that as a white landlord, we are all in fact the same! You can generalize about all of us based upon the experience you had with any one of us, particularly if that experience was a bad one.

Rent control will be a disaster for Oregon tenants, but I’m sure Margot Black will get her wish as plenty of Oregon landlords of all stripes abandon the market.

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Decorating Your New Digs

Decorating Your New DigsDon’t be flustered about where to put the lava lamp. The key to decorating success is to start with a great apartment.

Hey, you’ve got some nice stuff, why put it all in some dump? That’s why you should be calling the Skyview Apartments home. We’ve got everything you need and it’s all like brand new. Spacious room sizes, heat included and available garages because you’ve got a nice car too. And all at a price that won’t break the bank.

I was going to blather on at further length, but why not let the pictures do the talking?
Click here for the full photo line up.

The picture of dogs playing poker is never going to look right in a living room with 70s shag carpet, so come to Skyview today!

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How to Dress Up Your Floors

How to Dress Up Your FloorsThe other day, I was reading about tricks and tips for dressing up your floors without spending a lot. Good luck with that!

Why put perfume on a pig? Don’t you walk barefoot on those floors? Isn’t the flooring one of the most eye-catching elements of your home?

If your floors look like they are in need of a retread, check out Catalina Crossing Apartments where everything is new, including the floor, and the name too.

The standard around here is new construction. Even in our older properties like Washington Heights Apartments in Horicon, we know what you want and what you deserve. And we deliver.

Come see one of our beautiful new units today!

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Why You’re Going to Get Superior Snow Service at Catalina Crossing

Why You're Going to Get Superior Snow Service at Catalina CrossingBing Crosby may be dreaming of a white Christmas, but here in reality land, we’re kind of dreading it. Sure it looks beautiful, right until the moment you slip and fall and smash your teeth on the curb. We can’t have that, so Ventrac to the rescue!

Ventrac is the manufacturer of our enclosed cab heated snow removal machine. It’s designed for sidewalk snow removal. Ordinarily, getting snow off the sidewalk means long miserable hours of walking behind a snow blower in the cold. But not now. This thing is so much fun, it’s probably going to be a new ride at Disney Land.

So when Old Man Winter goes on the prowl, we’ll be ready to clear that snow faster than a speeding bullet at our brand new Catalina Crossing Apartments in Madison. Take that Bing Crosby!

What Autonomous Vehicles Will Mean for You

What Autonomous Vehicles Will Mean for YouThe future is here! Or at least almost here. It does seem likely that one day soon, we’ll finally be able to text and drive with impunity because the car will be able to drive itself. And the implications of this new technology will change more than just when we text. This tech will impact even the experience of renting a home, so let’s peak into the future.

First, let’s dispense with the idiocy that none of us are going to own cars. The “experts” believe that we’re all going to subscribe to a ride sharing service and we’ll hail autonomous cars from our smart phones when wheels are needed. This might make sense in a dense urban environment like New York City, but for the rest of the world, you’re still going to want to own your own car, for lots of reasons. Continue reading

Renting More Affordable Than Buying?

Renting More Affordable Than Buying?Is there an echo in here? We’ve been saying for a long time that home ownership is a wonderful consumer purchase, but as an investment, not so great. See Is Home Ownership The Worst Investment Ever?The Worst Investment that You Will Every Make, and Rent or Own?

Now the Wall Street Journal is chiming in with agreement. In the 10/17/2018 WSJ, the paper reports that 78% of people say that renting is more affordable than owning according to Freddie Mac, the mortgage company.

This report reflects marketplace reality. Between high constructions costs, labor shortages and municipal barriers to development, it has been difficult to supply the market with new construction of single-family homes. A lack of new construction supply has resulted in increased demand and higher prices for existing homes. Throw an increase in interest rates into the mix and single-family home ownership just loses its economic luster.

In the meantime, our apartments continue to shine, offering more square footage and better amenities like walk-in showers, walk-in pantries, walk-in closets three car garages and massive square footage, not to mention granite counter tops and stainless-steel appliances. At least that’s what you at the Catalina Crossing Apartments where townhouses range in size up to 1775 square feet. The wannabees and the also-rans don’t have walk-in showers yet or three car garages, but someday they will. Until then, call text or email to Josh at 608-575-4377 or to learn more about the Catalina Crossing Apartments in Madison.

How Not to be One of the Worst Six Kinds of Tenants

How Not to be One of the Worst Six Kinds of TenantsOur friends at Rentalutions recently published an article, “6 Types of Nightmare Tenants and How to Avoid Them.” It got me thinking about how not to become one of those tenants:

Nightmare 1: Tenants that don’t pay. Obviously, don’t be one of these. If you run into a problem, communicate early. Be transparent, don’t hide. Maybe the only solution is for you to move out of an apartment that you can no longer afford. But maybe the landlord has a tenant already waiting for your apartment. Or maybe it’s not as bad as you think. You won’t know until you talk to your landlord.

Nightmare 2: Tenants that damage the property. If the party got out of hand and stuff got wrecked, that won’t be a secret for long. One rule for life: don’t burn ex-spouses, ex-girlfriends/boyfriends, employers, landlords and friends. Word gets around. People, particularly landlords, check references. There’s an adage that applies here: you break it, you bought it. If you can’t afford immediate repayment, make a payment agreement with your landlord. It beats getting dragged into court later.

Nightmare 3: Tenants that argue with everything you say. It’s not just landlords. Try to get along with people in general. Landlords make mistakes too, but hear them out, listen carefully, and see if maybe the landlord is sharing truth.

Nightmare 4: Tenants that never move out. If you’ve given notice to vacate and your plans have changed, better communicate that to the landlord right away. Your apartment may already be rented to someone else. Possession might be nine tenths of the law, but not in rental housing. Staying past your vacate date might subject you to double damages payable to the landlord.

Nightmare 5: Tenants that become ghosts. Some tenant just move without notice and even leave their stuff behind. Don’t let that be you. This will come back to haunt you. The landlord will throw your stuff away and charge you for the privilege. Plus rental charges will continue to accrue. You may get a surprise bill or a surprise judgment and corresponding hit to your credit score.

Nightmare 6: Tenant that take the landlord to court. We already said that sometimes landlords make mistakes. Should that happen to you, try working things out with the landlord first. You can always go to court later, but once you do, the court case becomes a permanent record easily accessible online. In other words, your next prospective landlord may discover that you’ve been a plaintiff against another landlord and decide to rent to a less combative prospect.

Our careful tenant screening creates great apartment communities like Willow Grove Apartments in Pewaukee, or Georgetown Square Apartments in Racine. Call (262) 785-0840 to start your brand new dream!