Maximizing Space in your Kitchen

Hungry? Let’s eat out! But if you’re not like me, and every once in a while you want to cook, it might be nice to have some strategies on how to maximize the space in your kitchen. So check these out:

2019 08 hang your pots - Maximizing Space in your Kitchen1. Hang it up. Those fancy pots with the copper bottoms are expensive. Why not show them off a little? There are all kinds of peg board, S hooks, shelves and other mechanisms to gain added space on your walls or ceilings.


2019 08 kitchen island on wheels 254x300 - Maximizing Space in your Kitchen2. A kitchen island on wheels. Need extra counter-top space? Here’s your answer. The one shown in this picture is even collapsible for when you don’t need it.


3. Move it out. Maybe those fancy dishes or glassware will make a nice decoration in your living room. Get creative!


madison catalina crossing apartments kitchen dining 300x225 - Maximizing Space in your Kitchen4. Move to the all new Catalina Crossing apartments in Madison. These units have huge kitchens, walk-in pantries and more than enough room for all of your stuff. Call (262) 785-0840 to set up an appointment to see these modern, Huge living spaces.

Rents Likely to Keep On Increasing

red arrow uptrending graph 300x225 - Rents Likely to Keep On reports that June 2019 saw a spike in rent prices across the US, increasing about 0.826%. You can view the entire article here. Yes, 0.826% is less than 1%, but on an annualized basis this change would result in an increase in rents of about 10%. And this after years of increases, all faster than the rate of inflation.

Part of the problem is the cost of new construction. Few new single-family homes have been built owing to affordability problems. This in turn has driven up prices on existing single-family homes. Price escalation causes increased demand for housing alternatives like apartments.

Another source of trouble is the government interference we’ve thoroughly documented in this space. Government regulation and constraint on development has increased the cost of construction and limited the supply of additional housing, again putting pressure on rents.

What it means is that, like it or not, fair or not, rent prices are going to continue increasing. Of course, if you live in an area with rent control, then you probably won’t be able to find an apartment at all.

That is why we are grateful to be able to offer beautiful (and affordable) apartments in 14 cities and towns across Southeastern Wisconsin. Contact Decker Properties to arrange a visit, or call our office at (262) 785-0840 with your apartment question.

Hand Over Those Apartments!

2019 07 10 apartment being torn down 300x199 - Hand Over Those Apartments!Like a broken record, we’ve been discussing the increasing rents that have been happening all over the country, and now even all over the world. It’s an international problem.

And never mind that part of the cost problem stems from government interference and constraints on new development. Regardless, governments increasingly feel compelled to step in to “solve” the problem they were guilty of helping to create in the first place.

The latest government intervention comes to us compliments of our German friends in Berlin. There, the government is proposing to actually confiscate apartments owned by private landlords! The premise is that any landlord owning 3,000 rental units or more would be subject to confiscation.

Doesn’t anyone remember the miserable apartments blocks in the former Soviet Union? Or how about the Cabrini Green public housing in Chicago that was plagued by sniper fire between the towers prior to the development finally being demolished?

I’m not sure what services governments are good at providing, but I’m certain that housing isn’t one of them. When one thinks about excellent service, is it Federal Express that comes to mind or the US Postal Service?

One correction that needs to be noted. I said that rising rents were an international problem. That’s not quite true. Housing costs in Japan have been stagnant for decades. That’s partly due to a stagnant population. But in Japan, there is less government regulation and constraint on development and as a result, more housing is created. Japan has a population roughly half that of the US. Last year in Japan, about a million housing units were built, a typical year. Last year in the US, 1.25 million housing units were built.

Get the picture?

I’m thinking you had better line up one of the beautiful new apartments at the Wilson Heights Apartments in Hartford before the government confiscates them and ruins everything! Call our main office at (262) 785-0840 to arrange a tour of your next apartment.

How to Differentiate Between a Hoarder and a Classic Pack Rat and What to Do

2019 06 28 hoarders 300x199 - How to Differentiate Between a Hoarder and a Classic Pack Rat and What to DoHoarding can be an emotionally devastating disorder. The effects of obsessive hoarding can be hard on the hoarder themselves, and equally as troubling for friends and family. There is a distinct difference between someone who is a pack rat and someone who would constitute a hoarder. Let’s start by providing information you can ponder to see if you or someone you know might be a hoarder, followed by some suggestions for what to do.

Hoarder vs. Pack Rat – Is There Actually any Difference?

Continue reading

Decorate Your Digs Part 4

We’re back for Part 4 of Decorate Your Digs because we still haven’t yet gotten all the crazy out.
Forget about keeping up with the Joneses, you’re going to be the Wizard of Oz:

14. Skate-park Room

2019 06 12 skate park room 1 300x200 - Decorate Your Digs Part 4 2019 06 12 skate park room 2 300x199 - Decorate Your Digs Part 4
Gravity is so yesterday. Show us your tricks!

15. Fire Pit Table

2019 06 12 fire pit table 300x300 - Decorate Your Digs Part 4
I’m not sure how this thing gets vented, but until you collapse, it looks like fun.

16. Balcony Pool

2019 06 12 balcony pool 290x300 - Decorate Your Digs Part 4
I’m speechless.


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Decker Properties has other great spaces for you to live in across southeastern Wisconsin. Two hip apartments are on the northeast side, in Shorewood at the Jarvis Street Apartments and in Whitefish Bay, at the Diversey Manor Apartments. Call (262) 785-0840 for an appointment to set up a tour.

Decorate Your Digs Part 3

Toss out that lava lamp! Throw away that picture of dogs playing poker. We’ve got some real decorating ideas for you:

9. Hammock Bed

2019 05 23 hammock bed 300x196 - Decorate Your Digs Part 3
If you’ve already got the swing set table (see Part 1), may as well get the hammock bed. Take 10.

10. See-through Bathtub

2019 05 23 see through bathtub 231x300 - Decorate Your Digs Part 3
There’s something holding the water back here isn’t there? Probably goes well with the glass floor over the open shaft in Part 2.

11. Vertical Herb Garden in Your Kitchen

2019 05 23 vertical herb garden 261x300 - Decorate Your Digs Part 3

It almost hurts to include something practical, but every once in a while, exceptions must be made.

12. Treehouse Room For Kids

2019 05 23 treehouse room 300x260 - Decorate Your Digs Part 3

Forget the kids, I’m moving in!

13. Pirate Ship Bedroom For Yourself

2019 05 23 pirate ship bedroom 300x200 - Decorate Your Digs Part 3

OK, the kids can have the treehouse room if I can live in this thing.

Come back next time for more!

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Decker Properties has great spaces for you to live in across southeastern Wisconsin. Two great (and NEW) apartments are in Fond du Lac: City Center Lofts and The Fairways Apartments. Why not set up a tour? Call (262) 785-0840 for an appointment.

Come back next time for more innovative apartment decorating ideas in Part 4.

Decorate Your Digs Part 2

Back again to explore some better than ho-hum decorating ideas. Continuing from Part 1 of Decorating Your Digs:

5. Beach Sand Under Your Work Desk

2019 05 06 sandbox under your desk 1 300x204 - Decorate Your Digs Part 22019 05 06 sandbox under your desk 2 300x200 - Decorate Your Digs Part 2
Winter got you down? Too cold for the beach or too much work to do? You can still get some sand between your toes if you’re clever.


6. Cat Transit System

2019 05 06 cat transit system 1 300x200 - Decorate Your Digs Part 2
2019 05 06 cat transit system 2 300x200 - Decorate Your Digs Part 2
Who says that gerbils get to have all the fun? This thing looks like a Habitrail gone mad. But nothing’s too good for Kitty!


7. Glass Floor and an Open Shaft Below Your Bathroom

2019 05 06 glass floor and an open shaft below your bathroom 200x300 - Decorate Your Digs Part 2
Here’s one time that getting the shaft might be fun. This should be a big hit for your unsuspecting hung-over house guests.


8. Fusion Dining And Pool Table

2019 05 06 fusion dining and pool table 300x277 - Decorate Your Digs Part 2
2019 05 06 fusion dining and pool table 2 300x159 - Decorate Your Digs Part 2

Clear the dishes and rack ‘em up!

With Nine Foot Ceilings (and Cathedral Ceiling in Uppers) perhaps you could fit in some of these ideas into our brand new Catalina Crossing Apartments in Madison.

Come back next time for more innovative apartment decorating ideas in Part 3.

Decorate Your Digs Part 1

Were you expecting normal? If the mundane is your thing, you’ve come to the wrong place. We do out of the box stuff like three car garages at Wilson Heights and Catalina Crossing and walk-in showers at Mayfair Apartments.

Now to go along with that, here’s a few out of the box decorating ideas for when it’s time spruce up your new apartment at Rivercourt Apartments in Milwaukee:

1. Aquarium Bed

2019 04 18 aquarium bed 300x243 - Decorate Your Digs Part 1
Aren’t fish supposed to be soothing? Aren’t you sick of counting sheep? And don’t sheep smell? Consider this aqua bed!

2. Indoor-Outdoor Pool

2019 04 18 indoor outdoor pool 300x275 - Decorate Your Digs Part 1
Ok, this one may be a little impractical in our Wisconsin climate, not to mention being a bit of a budget buster. But what if you hit the lottery? You’ve got to be ready for when good fortune smiles your way!

3. Chandelier That Turns Your Room into a Forest

2019 04 18 forest chandelier 300x225 - Decorate Your Digs Part 1
Hey, every day can be Halloween now. Pass the candy corn!

4. Swing Set Table

2019 04 18 swing set table 261x300 - Decorate Your Digs Part 1
This one puts a whole new twist on hanging out.

Be sure to swing back next time to get a glimpse of some more not so traditional ideas for your crib!
In the meantime, see “Decorating Your New Digs” and “Design Ideas for Small Spaces

Hand Me That Snow Shovel and Be Grateful We Don’t Live in California

waupun on wisconsin map graphic 300x289 - Hand Me That Snow Shovel and Be Grateful We Don’t Live in CaliforniaCalifornia was already the land of lefties before the 2018 election, but now Democrats dominate in the Golden State like never before. And what has one party progressive politics brought about?

One third of all people on welfare in the entire USA live in California. California is also home to the more illegal immigrants than any other state and has a bountiful homeless population too.

The public schools stink, sales taxes are high and the state income tax at 13.3% is one of the highest in the country.

Income equality gets Democrats riled up, but they need look no further than California to find it in abundance.

Lately, the billion-dollar boondoggle of high-speed rail to nowhere is the butt of late-night talk show jokes.

Businesses are overburdened with regulation and let’s not even talk about the traffic.

Meanwhile, here at the Mayfair Apartments in Waupun, Wisconsin, you can still afford a wonderful apartment with walk-in showers, 2 car garages and heat included. I apologize for the winter.

Rent Control, Oregon Style

We talked about it being considered, but now rent control is the law of the land in Oregon. In the past, rent control has been limited to certain cities, primarily in New York and California. But for the first time, an entire state has decided to drink this kool-aide.

Rents have been going up fast in Oregon and it’s not hard to understand why. According to the Wall Street Journal, for every 100 new households formed in Oregon, there has been only 63 new housing units built. Rising demand in the face of inadequate supply always results in higher prices.

So why aren’t the builders building more?

Government regulations designed to reduce urban sprawl and preserve land for farms and forests have resulted in sky high land prices and cities with nowhere to go. Take for example Bend Oregon. In 1990, the population was 20,000. Previous state legislation established an urban growth boundary limited to 20,600 acres. Today the population is 95,000 but available land for development is limited to only 24,000 acres. That’s about 75,000 people, nearly four times as many, competing for a 16.5% increase to land area of just 3,400 acres. No wonder prices are going up.

In other words, government regulation created this problem and now the regulators are going to step in to fix it with additional regulation. Rent control always results in decreased supply of new housing. While the ink is hardly dry on this new law, multi-family permits are already down 64% from a 2017 inclusionary zoning policy that forced landlords to rent 8%-15% of their units at below market rates. This new rent control meddling will precipitate further decline.

city of dallas emblem 150x150 - Rent Control, Oregon StyleIn the meantime, places like Dallas, Texas are surprisingly affordable and while Dallas has also enjoyed rapid household growth, housing cost have not sky rocketed, for one simple reason: In Dallas, the government will let you build.

If you want to stay in southeastern Wisconsin, we have just the right apartment for you, and affordable too! Where do you want to call home? Fox Lake? Hartford? Milwaukee? Racine? Decker apartments in all of these cities, and many places in between, all the way out to a brand new apartment complex in Madison. Give us a call, we’re right next door.


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