Hi Ann,

My wife and I have begun the process of purchasing a new home and as such must give our 60 day notice. We have enjoyed out time at Wilson Heights and will recommend any Decker Properties to friends/family as they find themselves in need of residents. We especially would like to thank Dave for going out of his way to help us with our Direct TV problem, Aaron for fixing our water heater, and all office folks for always being available in a pinch to help resolve an issue.

Once again thank you for providing a wonderful place to live these last couple years.

William G

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My name is Tony S. My Daughter, Ashley S, had signed a lease at your property on Meadowcreek Drive. After signing and about to move in, her two-year engagement was broke off and she (we) lost a ton of money on deposits for her upcoming wedding and she would have been scrapping the bottom of the barrel to make ends meet on only her income.

As you suggested, she contacted the Property Manager with the situation and her desire to cancel the lease. I have to say that your people were very nice to her and sympathetic to her situation. Today, she received a letter stating that the apartment has been leased and she is no longer responsible for it. In addition, and completely unexpected, she also received a check refunding her deposit and application fee. To say that she is ecstatic would be an understatement.

I wanted to personally thank you and your Property Manager for your assistance and kindness you showed to my Daughter. Today, that is truly a rare response to a situation like hers.

Tony S