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How to Make Your Place Look Like the Ritz

Inflation may be eating a hole in your bank account.  Maybe you’ve cut out going out and are staying in.  If there’s a little extra time on your hands, here’s a few idea to make your place look like a million without going broke.

  1. Deep clean. Make every room and every surface sparkle, but pay particular attention to the kitchen and bath.  The one that will enjoy it the most is you.
  2. Store it or put it away, but don’t stop there.  Attack your closets and organize those too.  Your friends will be impressed but even better, you’ll love where you live.
  3. Fix it. Been meaning to call the landlord about that switch that doesn’t work, the torn screen or that dripping faucet?  Stop procrastinating.  Get that stuff fixed.  Unless the landlord can legitimately hold you responsible for the damage, it won’t cost anything.  Any if you were responsible for the damage, you were probably going to have to pay for this when you move out anyway, so why not take care of it now and be able to enjoy living in a nicer place?
  4. Since you’re going to be talking to the landlord anyway, what about a minor upgrade?  Maybe your light fixtures look like something right out of 1975.  And do you still have beige switches and outlets?  White is the thing now.

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