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How to Save on Holiday Travel

Traveling for the Holidays?  Here’s a few ideas on saving a shekel or two so you’ll still have enough left to play Santa Claus.  No bah humbug for you!

Think Flexible

December 26th is one of the most intense flying days of the year.  Can you extend someone’s Christmas cheer by showing up the first week in January?  Or kick off the season early in the middle of December.  Set up alerts on travel sites like Kayak or Google Flights to notify you when there is a price drop on a flight you’ve been monitoring and jump on a good deal.

Think Trains Planes and Automobiles

Hey, maybe we could make this idea into a movie!  Until then, consider all the modes of transportation available. Take a train and enjoy the sites.  Or maybe you can share the driving on a longer trip.  If your destination is a big city, consider rideshare services like Uber or Lyft and avoid the expense and hassle of having to park.  Maybe if you’re going somewhere warm, you can even rent a bike.

Think Lodging Options

Use sites like Expedia or Travelocity to compare prices and find deals. Consider alternative lodging options such as booking an Airbnb or Vrbo. For the younger crowd and the young at heart, and if you don’t mind sharing accommodations, try hostels. Or if you’re going somewhere warm, even consider camping.

Think Picnic

Part of the fun of travel is trying the local cuisine, but daily dining can really blow out your budget and maybe your waistline. Bring food from home or plan on a trip to the  local grocery store and enjoy some picnic lunches instead of every meal at a restaurant.

Think Partners

Cost share by traveling with buddies.

Think Rewards

Traveling and time with family is its own reward, but don’t forget about those travel points or bonuses you accumulated on various credit cards.

Have a safe and wonderful Christmas and New Year!


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