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The Secret to Some Fast Cash Part 1

man pushing a wheelbarrow full of cashHey, is it too soon to talk about Christmas? Or too late to talk about that summer getaway?

Whichever one is your next target, it’s going to cost some coin. So here’s a secret to get your piggy bank to rattle a little louder:

How about a job with a really short commute time? Working for somebody you already know? And must like at least a little?

That wonderful employer might be your landlord.

Chances are, your landlord probably could use a little extra help. There’s grass that needs cutting, apartments that need cleaning and halls that need vacuuming. What about this idea: Does your apartment need an upgrade? Are you a little handy? You might even get paid for fixing up your own apartment!

Whatever the circumstances, there’s at least a good chance that there’s some money to be made doing things you may even enjoy. Instead of complaining about the litter in the yard or the shrubs that need trimming, how about parlaying that into a job?

You might even graduate to being an onsite manager. More about that next time.