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Setting Up a Home Office

With the Pandemic, more people are working from home than ever.  And between you Amping Up Your Side Hustle (see blog post from February 2, 2022) and quitting your job (see blog post from February 22, 2022), you’re going to need your own home office. Here’s a few tips to make setting that up easier.

  1. Consider a fold down desk. The example below folds up entirely out of the way when done.  And when open, there’s all kinds of storage cubbies.  There’s plenty of clever alternatives available like this for not much money.
  2. Repurpose the guest room. You’re probably not going to have many guests during Covid anyway.  Time to make better use of the space.
  3. Consider trading up to a larger apartment. Maybe your studio or one bedroom is too small to  accommodate even the folding desk idea.  What about a two bedroom where the second bedroom serves as an office?
  4. Get a good chair. You might be in that chair eight hours per day.  Make sure you’re comfortable.
  5. Take advantage of the view. Does your apartment have a great view?  That’s where your office goes.  No doubt, you’re paying good money for that view.  Now is the time to make the most of it.

Organize the cords.  Remember, you still live here the rest of the day too and you don’t need you or your other housemates to be tripping over unsightly cords.  There are plenty of cord organizing devices to consider from the simple twist tie to entire kits.