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Juggling Job Offers

We’ve been talking about how to Amp Up Your Side Hustle and how to Set Up a Home Office.   But now with the pandemic receding, maybe it’s time to strategize about conventional work.  What if you’re in the enviable position of having multiple job offers?  Here’s some ideas about how to sort thru that.

  1. Think Research. Know all you can about the companies making the offers.  Understand the entire compensation package.  Remember the interview when the employers were asking all the questions?  Now it’s time for you to ask a few of your own.  Even how your questions are treated gives you a clue about the future.  Are your questions welcomed and answered promptly or does your future employer seem annoyed?
  2. Think Pros and Cons. Consider getting out a piece of paper and writing out the advantages and disadvantages of each offer.  Sometimes seeing everything organized in one place lends clarity.
  3. Think Ask. Maybe none of the opportunities are ideal.  Maybe if one of the opportunities was tweaked in some way, that would make the difference for you.  You don’t get if you don’t ask.
  4. Think Before You Leap. Sometimes you commit to one job and then the dream job offer comes in after you’ve committed to something else.  Do you graciously exit the commitment you just made to move on to the dream job?  Some experts are saying you should.  I can’t make that kind of decision for you.  Obviously, you risk burning a bridge and going back on your work is never a good thing.  Maybe it’s time to get that sheet of paper out again to weigh the pros and cons.