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Five Tips for Staying Out of Jail

There you are, working away, minding your own business, just trying to make your way in life. Then the boys in blue show up and take you away to jail! How inconvenient.
Here’s a couple of tips to help keep that from happening:

  1. It’s not about you. We just said that you were behaving yourself and working hard. You’re a model citizen.
  2. It’s about them. What about that party you’re planning? Have you thought about the guest list beyond just compatibility? Are you still going to invite Old Uncle Gus the gangster thug? Is that a good idea?
  3. You’re responsible for the conduct of your guests. Any trouble they cause, stuff they bust or laws they break could blow back on you. Remember what your mother told you about the company you keep? Turns out she was right.
  4. What about your own? How many times have we seen it that Smiling Innocent Junior is secretly dealing drugs out of his or her parents’ apartment? Try explaining to the blue boys that you knew nothing about that. They’re going to think you were the brains behind the operation!
  5. That’s what insurance is for. Hey, you got all your stuff at a garage sale anyway, so why bother with renter’s insurance? But what if your stove fire burns down the whole building and somebody gets hurt? Once again, you’re wearing the orange and looking through those bars. Better get renter’s insurance, it can be as little as $8-$10 per month.