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How to Keep Your Apartment Cool

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If you’re struggling to find a balance between a high energy bill and a nice, cool, apartment, you’re not alone. Lucky for you, there are plenty of ways to keep your apartment at a decent temperature without having to constantly run your air conditioner.

Install a Window Film to Block Heat

Not all apartments will have energy-efficient windows. If you want to enjoy natural lighting without letting the heat in, window film is a wonderful way to get the best of both worlds. You’ll be able to keep your blinds open and soak up the rays, without having to crank up the AC to counter it. The film sticks to the glass and prevents the heat from getting in.

You can get it from your local hardware store in a variety of configurations. Privacy window film will make it harder to see into your apartment from the outside, too. Make sure you buy something that offers thermal protection.

Close Your Curtains During the Hottest Parts of the Day

If you’d rather not install the film, you can just close your curtains at certain points of the day.

Typically, the hottest part of the day is between 3 and 4 pm. Keep your curtains and blinds closed during this time of day to prevent more of the natural heat from seeping into your home through the glass.

If you don’t mind a darker room, or work third shift, you’ll get even better results by investing in black-out curtains. Beyond blocking the light so you can sleep, the weave also keeps heat from getting through.

Make Sure Your Ceiling Fan Blades Spin in the Right Direction

If your apartment has ceiling fans, make them work for you. In the summer, your fan will provide more of a breeze if the blades spin counterclockwise. This can help you stay cool without having to use as much energy.

In the winter, you should switch them clockwise so that warm air that rises to the top of the room gets pushed down toward you.

Close Doors of Rooms Not in Use

Air constantly moves throughout your apartment. To maximize airflow and direct cooler air, close the doors to rooms that aren’t in use. Keep your bedroom and bathroom doors open so that the cool air will flow to the rooms where you need it.

Use Portable Fans

Fans won’t cool the room, but they will cool you if you’re in the room. If you have more than one fan, place them so that the air is blowing at you from multiple directions.

If you use a box fan in a window, face it out the window, rather than at you. It won’t blow cooler air on you, but it will work to pull the warm air out of your apartment and send it back outside.

No matter how hot the temperatures get in the summer, you’ll be able to keep yourself nice and cool with these tips. BONUS TIP: Use the exhaust fan above your stove and in your bathroom when you first get home, to pull out the hot air that has stagnated all day. It’ll make it easier for your air conditioner to cool things down.


Karstine Sanchez is a freelance writer and content marketer with Allstate Roofing. She enjoys writing home decor, maintenance, and improvement.