Toss out that lava lamp! Throw away that picture of dogs playing poker. We’ve got some real decorating ideas for you:

9. Hammock Bed

2019 05 23 hammock bed 300x196 - Decorate Your Digs Part 3
If you’ve already got the swing set table (see Part 1), may as well get the hammock bed. Take 10.

10. See-through Bathtub

2019 05 23 see through bathtub 231x300 - Decorate Your Digs Part 3
There’s something holding the water back here isn’t there? Probably goes well with the glass floor over the open shaft in Part 2.

11. Vertical Herb Garden in Your Kitchen

2019 05 23 vertical herb garden 261x300 - Decorate Your Digs Part 3

It almost hurts to include something practical, but every once in a while, exceptions must be made.

12. Treehouse Room For Kids

2019 05 23 treehouse room 300x260 - Decorate Your Digs Part 3

Forget the kids, I’m moving in!

13. Pirate Ship Bedroom For Yourself

2019 05 23 pirate ship bedroom 300x200 - Decorate Your Digs Part 3

OK, the kids can have the treehouse room if I can live in this thing.

Come back next time for more!

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Come back next time for more innovative apartment decorating ideas in Part 4.