Were you expecting normal? If the mundane is your thing, you’ve come to the wrong place. We do out of the box stuff like three car garages at Wilson Heights and Catalina Crossing and walk-in showers at Mayfair Apartments.

Now to go along with that, here’s a few out of the box decorating ideas for when it’s time spruce up your new apartment at Rivercourt Apartments in Milwaukee:

1. Aquarium Bed

2019 04 18 aquarium bed 300x243 - Decorate Your Digs Part 1
Aren’t fish supposed to be soothing? Aren’t you sick of counting sheep? And don’t sheep smell? Consider this aqua bed!

2. Indoor-Outdoor Pool

2019 04 18 indoor outdoor pool 300x275 - Decorate Your Digs Part 1
Ok, this one may be a little impractical in our Wisconsin climate, not to mention being a bit of a budget buster. But what if you hit the lottery? You’ve got to be ready for when good fortune smiles your way!

3. Chandelier That Turns Your Room into a Forest

2019 04 18 forest chandelier 300x225 - Decorate Your Digs Part 1
Hey, every day can be Halloween now. Pass the candy corn!

4. Swing Set Table

2019 04 18 swing set table 261x300 - Decorate Your Digs Part 1
This one puts a whole new twist on hanging out.

Be sure to swing back next time to get a glimpse of some more not so traditional ideas for your crib!
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