Back again to explore some better than ho-hum decorating ideas. Continuing from Part 1 of Decorating Your Digs:

5. Beach Sand Under Your Work Desk

Decorate Your Digs Part 2Decorate Your Digs Part 2
Winter got you down? Too cold for the beach or too much work to do? You can still get some sand between your toes if you’re clever.

6. Cat Transit System

Decorate Your Digs Part 2
Decorate Your Digs Part 2
Who says that gerbils get to have all the fun? This thing looks like a Habitrail gone mad. But nothing’s too good for Kitty!

7. Glass Floor and an Open Shaft Below Your Bathroom

Decorate Your Digs Part 2
Here’s one time that getting the shaft might be fun. This should be a big hit for your unsuspecting hung-over house guests.


8. Fusion Dining And Pool Table

Decorate Your Digs Part 2
Decorate Your Digs Part 2

Clear the dishes and rack ‘em up!

With Nine Foot Ceilings (and Cathedral Ceiling in Uppers) perhaps you could fit in some of these ideas into our brand new Catalina Crossing Apartments in Madison.

Come back next time for more innovative apartment decorating ideas in Part 3.

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