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8 Really Cool Gifts for a Traveler That Are Also Really Useful


So, what kind of gift to get for your favorite world traveler? Or, maybe it’s just someone who travels for business, or occasionally for pleasure. Suitcases and toiletry totes are nice gift ideas, but they’re also a more personal type of purchase.

There are neat little things you can buy for a traveler that are not only cool, but really useful. We’ve picked out eight cool gifts for the traveler that should bring a smile to the face of anyone who travels a little or a lot.

Rest it

If you’ve traveled very often, you’ll immediately appreciate how difficult it can be to get comfortable. There are countless situations that arise where you have an opportunity to grab a little rest, but you can’t get comfortable. One reason is the inability to rest your head and neck.

Problem solved if you have travel pillow. A travel pillow can give you head and neck support on a long plane flight or a cross-country drive. They hold your head and neck in such a perfect ergonomic position for sleeping; they’re a great compliment to that uncomfortable hotel pillow.

Tag it

As we mentioned at the beginning, luggage is a somewhat personal purchase. Most travelers already own a set of suitcases or toiletry totes. However, there is one common problem that many travelers have experienced, especially if their frequent fliers.

Unless they have discovered some wacky way to make their luggage look different from all the rest, it can be a challenge to spot which one is theirs. Unique luggage tags are one solution to this problem that has perplexed many a traveler.

These little trinkets for travelers come in all types of colors, shapes and sizes. Whatever piece of luggage that has one of these unique tags on it will not only stand out, but the owners personal information can be written and stored inside the tag.

Charge it

Mobile devices are important to almost everyone who travels. When you’re at home or the office, it’s pretty easy to keep these devices charged up. However, when traveling for just about any reason, access to a charge can be a challenge.

Portable chargers with battery packs come in a variety of models. The one unique thing they have that’s important to travelers is that they’re portable. For the traveler, or any who’s one-the-go a lot, a portable charger is a cool gift idea.

Hear it

When you’re in your home or your office you may have access to a soothing sound system. While you have music or other audio entertainment available on your mobile device, they don’t always provide the best sound.

To hear your favorite podcasts, music or even watch shows on any device, a set of Bluetooth connected speakers are a welcome gift for a traveler. A travel speaker will provide a realistic sound for almost any portable device, plus they’re often small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.

Plug it

If you travel to foreign countries, you’ll soon find out your source power doesn’t match. To haul or try to purchase the right plug to fit the outlets for whatever country you’re in, isn’t very practical. However, there is a very handy gift that every world traveler should own.

If you have someone on your gift list who travels to other countries, a multi-pronged, travel plug adapter is an outstanding present. It will adapt to outlets in over 100 countries, plus have multiple USB ports to charge mobile devices.

Save it

There is a lot to say about conserving space when you’re traveling. The mode of transportation doesn’t really matter, but some methods make saving space even more important. You may need to take files full of documents, or just a few hundred family favorite photographs.

Lugging a bunch of file folders over your shoulder or a designated suitcase just for family picture albums isn’t practical. But, there is a solution that will actually fit in your pants pocket. USB flash drives can hold thousands of documents and photographs on one little thumb-size drive.

You can get these handy little storage devices in assorted shapes and sizes. There also available in bulk, so you can pass one out to every nomadic computer-age traveler on your list.

Silence it

Frequently, noise is a problem when traveling. Another cool gift for the traveler is the gift of silence. You may want to nod off in the passenger seat if traveling in a car, or erase the chatter from across the aisle on a flight.

Ear buds and other listening devices can only do so much. Wireless noise-canceling headphones are the ultimate travel companion for blissful silence. Like other earphones, you can listen to soothing music or engaging podcasts. But, most importantly, you will not hear what you don’t want to hear.

Connect it

Let’s say you’ve given your traveling aficionado a way to hear it and charge it. But, what do they do when they can’t find a way to connect it to a signal. You can actually combine a charging device in a handy mobile WiFi companion.

You’ll be able to instantly find hotspots and locate the best signal. It uses a virtual SIM technology, so users do not need to change their SIM cards in different countries. You can purchase these on day-to-day rate plan, so it’s used only when it’s necessary.

These are not eight cool gifts for any traveler, they are useful ones as well. If you’re the traveler on your own gift list, don’t feel bad gifting yourself any of these helpful items. However, if you have a special friend or family member who travels a lot, watch them smile when they open any of these cool gifts for a traveler.

Find Your Way Home

After all of those travels, the weary traveler finds the way home. A home should be a restful place, a place to recharge your own energy levels, not unlike the chargers mentioned earlier. What better place to do that than in one of our New modern apartments in Fond du Lac or Madison. Give Decker Properties Inc a call at (262) 785-0840 to make an appointment. Its good to be home.