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Ten Things For Your Winter Emergency Car Kit

Winter is here.  Don’t be caught unprepared.  Keep these 10 items in your trunk:

  1. Ice Scraper: Get an ice scraper with a brush to help you clear the snow from your car. Don’t be the yahoo looking out a porthole of clear windshield as you wait for the defroster to work.
  1. Cell Phone Charger: You don’t want your phone to run out of juice when you need to call someone in an emergency. Keep a car charger with you so you can charge up when your battery starts to run low.
  2. Flashlight: It gets dark so early in the winter, and a flashlight can come in handy so you can see what you’re doing if you need to change a flat or look under the hood. You can also use it to help a flag down roadside assistance or a tow truck if needed. This one could be easy because most smart phones have a flashlight app.  And since you remembered the cell phone charger in number two, you’ll be all set to go.
  3. Portable Air Compressor: Dropping temperatures cause tires to lose pressure. A portable air compressor that plugs into your car’s 12v outlet will keep you on the road and get that pesky low tire pressure warning light to leave you alone.
  4. Jumper Cables: If your car dies, someone passing by might be able to give you a jump.  Or maybe you can be the hero and help somebody else.
  5. Shovel: Drive carefully so you don’t get stuck, but even the most careful driver can find themselves stuck and in need of digging out.
  6. Sand or Cat Litter: Here’s another one to keep you going when you’re stuck.  Throw down a little cat litter or sand to restore tractions.
  7. Warm Clothes and Blanket: Pack items to keep you warm like a hat, gloves and blanket in case your car breaks down and you have to wait for someone to get you.  And then be nice to your friends so that when you call them, they will in fact come get you!
  8. Snacks and Water: It’s never a bad idea to have some snacks on hand! Keep bottled water and non-perishable snacks like protein bars to sustain you in case you get stranded.
  9. First-Aid Kit: A basic first-aid kit can help you take care of a minor injury like a small cut while you wait for help to arrive.

No one likes to run into trouble on the road, but by being prepared you’ll be in better shape to weather the storm