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Can I Smoke In My Apartment?

James DeanHey, James Dean looked so cool with that cigarette hanging out of his mouth. But here’s a news flash – James Dean has been dead for 60 plus years and smoking is just about dead too.

Of U.S. adults, only about 15% are smokers. Second hand smoke is a known health hazard. At Decker Properties, it is incumbent upon the smoker to take whatever steps are necessary to ensure that their smoking does not impair the quiet enjoyment of those around them, including air quality. And if that means that you can’t smoke in your own apartment, then so be it.

E-cigarettes are the new kid on the block, but they really make no difference. Your neighbors’ rights to clean air trumps your right to smoke, even e-cigarettes.

At Decker Properties, Diversey Manor in Whitefish Bay and Wilson Heights Apartments in Hartford are nonsmoking properties. There is no smoking at either location anywhere on the property, including balconies and the yard. No doubt, we will be extending this policy to other properties.

The trend in government it to pass legislation similarly restricting smoking in multi-family buildings. In February 2017, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development banned smoking in all public housing residences, affecting a total of 1.2 million households.

If you are a smoker living in an apartment, try to be accommodating of your neighbors. Use charcoal air filters. Crack a window. Dispose of used smoking materials appropriately.

Smoking can make walls dirty and leave a lingering odor that’s hard to eliminate. Take prudent precautions, your security deposit is hanging in the balance. Odor and damage from smoking is not ordinary wear and tear.

Whether or not you are a smoker, Decker Properties has an apartment for you. Give us a call at (262) 785-0840, and we’ll find you the perfect place.