To Move or Not Move, That is the Question

moving a house 300x225If the question is whether or not to move from a Decker Properties apartment, then obviously, the answer is no! But for the many folks moving to one of our wonderful homes, the question is whether you should move your stuff yourself or hire somebody.

The main issue here is money. Like many things in life, there’s often more to moving than meets the eye, so let’s take a clear look at what you’re getting into before you head off to U-Haul. Continue reading

The Secret to Some Fast Cash Part 2

community managerThere’s nothing like a few extra bucks in the bank to put a little more spring in your step. Last time we were talking about helping the landlord to make a little extra money. The logical next step to that arrangement is to become an onsite manager.

Can’t neighbors be annoying? Maybe, but not so much if you get to choose them. Since you’ll be renting the apartments, you get to pick who your neighbors will be. And if anybody does get out of line, you’ll have the authority to impose more linear behavior.

Can’t stand litter and dirt? Good. Call me, you’re just what we’re looking for. You can keep the place up to your high standard and get paid for doing it.

Were you trying to get a tan anyway? Great, you can tan while you’re cutting the grass and get paid for that too.

Know how to get things done? Like to clean? Like working with people? Enjoy being your own boss? If so, we need to talk. Don’t keep me waiting!

The Secret to Some Fast Cash Part 1

man pushing a wheelbarrow full of cashHey, is it too soon to talk about Christmas? Or too late to talk about that summer getaway?

Whichever one is your next target, it’s going to cost some coin. So here’s a secret to get your piggy bank to rattle a little louder:

How about a job with a really short commute time? Working for somebody you already know? And must like at least a little?

That wonderful employer might be your landlord.

Chances are, your landlord probably could use a little extra help. There’s grass that needs cutting, apartments that need cleaning and halls that need vacuuming. What about this idea: Does your apartment need an upgrade? Are you a little handy? You might even get paid for fixing up your own apartment!

Whatever the circumstances, there’s at least a good chance that there’s some money to be made doing things you may even enjoy. Instead of complaining about the litter in the yard or the shrubs that need trimming, how about parlaying that into a job?

You might even graduate to being an onsite manager. More about that next time.

To Clean or Not to Clean?

hire a maid to clean your apartment 300x295To clean or not clean, that is the question. I couldn’t have said that better if I was William Shakespeare.

But seriously, are you going to clean your apartment yourself or farm that out to somebody else? Here are the pros and cons.

The biggest drawback – you have to pay for this! But think it through – what would be smarter, an extra hour of overtime at your day job or spending an extra hour at home scrubbing your toilet? Continue reading

Decorate Your Balcony

Cool breezes. Nice views. Hey, let’s hang out on the balcony! But how do you make your balcony into an oasis of cool? Not to fear, interior Dave Deckorater is here.

colorful flowers in a wood planter box 300x300How about some plants? There’s nothing like some color to brighten up your day. Some low maintenance annuals might be just the ticket, and easy too. Traipse down to your local garden center or big box home improvement store and pick some things out. Read the label on the plants to account for full sun, partial sun or shade, depending on your needs. Don’t forget to water!

What about some seating? Get something made for the weather – all weather wicker, wrought iron or similar. You don’t want something that you have to worry about getting wet. Continue reading

Thanks for Meddling, Uncle Sam

uncle sam 300x225Not long ago, we shared with you a bad idea from Seattle Washington that will result in more pets getting abandoned by their owners and ultimately euthanized (Bad News for Pet Owners, February 6, 2017). Not to be outdone, now Seattle has bent over backwards to help less qualified renters get chosen for an apartment over there more qualified peers.

Basically, Seattle wants landlords to be forced to accept the first tenant that come that meets the rental criteria. While that might seem benign, let’s examine the spoiled fruit of the tree of good intentions. Continue reading

Your Wish Is Our Command

walk in shower 169x300

Upgrade your apartment living with a walk-in shower

Our friends at Property Management Insider recently reported the seven apartment upgrades that renters would most like to see. Here they are:

New Windows. Who likes a draft? Or windows that always get stuck or don’t operate properly. That’s why you’ll find at Decker Properties, either your home is new construction, or else if it’s a little older, important components like the windows have been replaced. For example, our Coachlight Drive apartments in New Berlin were built in 1965, but the windows are modern white energy efficient vinyl windows.

Energy Efficiency. Speaking of drafts, who needs those utility bills! Nearly all Decker Properties apartments feature water saving plumbing fixtures. Recently, we converted one of our Willow Grove apartments in Pewaukee with electric heat to a high efficient natural gas fired boiler. Continue reading

Evicted Part 3

eviction noticeLet’s review. Bad things happen to good people. You can’t pay your rent. But instead of doing the “man up” on this thing and talking to your landlord, or instead of moving out in the middle of the night, you’ve always had a thing for men in uniform so you’re trying to arrange a date with the local sheriff.

Or in other words, against all advice, perhaps owing to needless embarrassment, you’ve completely ignored this one. Which seems to be working out. For a while. Because the eviction process is slow.

The process starts with a 5-Day notice. This notice actually requires you to either pay your rent or move out in five days. If you don’t, you’re subject automatically to double the rent should this one wind up in court. Wouldn’t calling the landlord be better? Continue reading

Evicted Part 2 – The Midnight Move

two men carrying a house 272x300Last time, we were talking about how bad things can happen to good people. And one of the consequences can be that making the rent becomes difficult or impossible. In this instance, the best remedy is to talk to your landlord and work out an arrangement. Maybe a deferred payment plan can be worked out. Even if all is lost and you have to move, it’s still better to talk to your landlord, because here’s what going to happen if you don’t: Continue reading


eviction order stamp 300x199In the event of trouble, talk to your landlord.

It was the last thing you were expecting. You go to work like any other day, but then you get laid off. Or you come home and find out your roommate moved out in the middle of the night. Or there’s a car accident and now you’ve got medical bills and car repair bills and time off of work…Ouch!

So you can’t pay your rent anymore. What should you do now? Continue reading