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Check Out Your Landlord

Landlord Background Check

Applying for an apartment?  You can bet your landlord will be checking you out.  More than likely, there will be an income verification, criminal background check, credit check and landlord reference.

Maybe you should check out your landlord as well.  And it isn’t hard.  What do you think the internet is for anyway?

Do an internet search on the company.  Check the Better Business Bureau.  Do a search on the apartment complex if it’s large enough to have an internet presence.

Take what you find with a grain of salt.  It’s so easy for someone that’s frustrated to drop an electronic bomb on anyone.  Look for patterns, not single instances of complaints or compliments.

At Decker Properties, Inc., we have an A+ rating with the BBB.  Our Google reviews average four out of five stars.  In fact, all our reviews are either five star or one star.  That’s what you would expect to find from any well-run company.  Most interactions are positive, but it is impossible to please everyone.

I invite you to search any of the Decker Properties locations, like Catalina Crossing in McFarland/Madison or The Oaks at 8100 in Oak Creek.