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The Top Six Tenant Complaints

Complaint department Take a numberOur friends at Multifamily Insiders recently ran an article identifying the Top 6 Residential Complaints . . .

I thought they would be worth reviewing, so here they are:

1. Racial Discrimination.
Obviously, if you’re going to be denied housing unfairly, that’s not going to be a happy experience. Having taught Fair Housing seminars, we’ve made sure all our associates are well trained in the topic. And yet misunderstandings can sometimes happen. Knowing how to properly intervene early when these misunderstandings occur is important too.

2. Eviction letters and notices.
Residents resent these notices when they’re done publicly. Sadly, sometimes bad things happen to good people. Our notices are sent certified mail for the privacy of our residents.

3. Un-gated communities.
The resident complaint here is when these gates don’t work or are left open all day and night. None of our communities are gated in this way. Gated communities are more often a feature in warmer climates when the residences are more likely to open directly to the outside. Many of our buildings feature common hallways where the “gate” is the entry door to the building. We make sure these doors are properly maintained and locked.

4. Apartments are not move in ready.
Mistakes can happen, but that shouldn’t be the routine. Our standard is to try to deliver a unit that looks like new construction every time.

5. Lack of home office follow through.
This is a chapter right out of the promises not kept book. It also speaks to a key concept involving business success. Contrary to popular thinking, success in business is rarely a function of invention and innovation and is more likely to be the consistent excellent execution of mundane details. At Decker Properties, we’re not perfect, but we get the concept.

6. Parking.
Coming home from a long day to find somebody in your parking space is frustrating. Solving this problem is again a function of the ongoing excellent execution of the mundane. We can’t promise that no one will ever park in your space. But if they do, that offender is probably lacking the Decker Properties parking pass, so maybe we’ll find them before you do. And many of our residences have private garages. The wrong folks never park in those. But what happens with Autonomous Vehicles?

An internet search on any of our properties or our company produces no shortage of excellent reviews. Our Better Business Bureau rating is A+. Again, we’re not perfect. But we are trying hard.

This spring, we’re opening a brand new apartment complex in Madison called Catalina Crossing Apartments, with many of the features you’re looking for: In unit laundry, Private entry, Private attached one, two or three car garage with opener, and much more. It’s near shopping and transportation too. Check it out.

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