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Keeping Clean During Covid

With the vaccine already being distributed, hopefully this will all soon be a bad memory. But there may be a new standard in cleanliness that we all feel more comfortable with moving into the future. So here are a few tips on how to clean whether you’re trying to protect yourself from Covid or from spreading the flu:

  1. Start with you. Wash your hands. If your currently ailing, consider wearing a mask so you don’t recontaminate surfaces. If you’re going to be using harsh chemicals, wear gloves.
  2. Put some music on. Unless cleaning is your favorite activity, maybe you want something that helps put a little swing to your swifter.
  3. Take a balanced approach. There’s no need to use a powerful disinfectant on every surface. High touch items perhaps yes. If there’s someone sick in your household, then the cleaning efforts ramps up accordingly.
  4. Be careful. Don’t use bleach on porous surfaces. Don’t mix chemicals on your own as dangerous gasses can result.
  5. Go green. Worried about the environment? Here’s your chance to do your part. There are plenty of planet friendly alternatives. Art of Green is one product line that appears to have been tested and is easy on skin and good for the environment.
  6. Celebrate. Allow yourself a reward for a job well done.