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How to Save Money On Your Energy Bills

Save on utility bills

Inflation is eating a hole in everyone’s pockets, let’s make sure you’re not sending the utility company any extra money.  Here’s a few ideas:

  1. Switch to LED bulbs. This might be a no brainer.  You can’t even buy energy hogging incandescent bulbs anymore for most applications.  But beware the decorative lights in your apartment.  Those might be old school energy hogging bulbs.  So check the bath bar light and make sure those decorative bulbs are LEDs.  Likewise, you may have some vintage pendant lights, sometimes called Edison bulbs, that are still incandescent.  Finally, some of your bulbs are hiding behind ceiling fixtures.  Check everything.  Unless you live at a Decker Properties apartment, where we’ve already done this.
  2. Check your refrigerator setting. Don’t run it any colder than you need to.
  3. Consider advanced power strips (APS). Many electronic items continue to consume power even when they are off.  Advanced power strips will turn them completely off.    There are two different kinds of APSs:
    1. Tier One Strips cue off one device as the control. For example, if you designate your TV as the control, if you turn your TV off, all other appliances plugged into the APS are turned off too.
    2. Tier Two Strips have a motion sensing device that can additionally turn off electronics not in use.
  4. Manage your water consumption. You might be surprised to learn that the appliance consuming the greatest amount of water in the home is the commode.  If you hear your toilet running spontaneously, be sure to call for maintenance.  There’s probably a slow leak because of a bad gasket, but these seemingly innocuous leaks can cost a fortune.  If you live at a Decker Properties apartment, you probably have a two-stage flush toilet for flushing liquid waste with just a little water and solid waste with more water, helping you save.  Otherwise, it may be gross, but remember this rhyme:  If it’s brown flush it down, if it’s yellow be mellow.