Decker Properties Pet Policy

dog and cat cuddling on chairLife can be ruff. Or maybe for you, it’s purrrfect. But whether your furry favorites go ruff or purr, we’ve got the solution: a pet friendly home at Decker Properties. Here’s everything you need to know:


**Dogs are only allowed at certain properties, check with your on-site manager first.

Monthly rent charge and Deposit

  • 1 dog: $50 per month / $200 deposit
  • 2 dogs: $75 per month / $400 deposit
  • 1 cat: $25 per month / $200 deposit
  • 2 cats: $50 per month / $400 deposit
  • 1 caged pet: $100 deposit
  • 2 caged pets: $200 deposit
  • 1 dog, 1 cat: $75per month/$400 deposit

Pet’s owner agrees to the following terms and conditions.

  • Pets shall be defined as dogs, cats, or caged animals only; no additional animals shall be permitted. No more than two (2) pets may be kept at the property. This applies to any pet type or combination of pets, ex: 1 dog, 1 caged animal, is still two pets.
  • The pet’s individual weight shall not exceed thirty-five (35) pounds. Weight shall be calculated based on the estimated full maturity of the breed. In the event there are two pets, the combined weight should not exceed thirty-five (35) pounds.
  • With the exception at Catalina Crossing – McFarland: The pet’s individual weight shall not exceed thirty-five (35), and two pets combined should not exceed fifty (50) pounds.
  • Only the pet(s) authorized pets are to be kept on the premises. Tenant shall not keep any animal or pet in or around the rental premises without Landlord’s prior written approval. No unauthorized animals may reside temporarily or permanently on the premises.
  • Pet(s) will not cause danger, damage, nuisance, noise, health hazard, or soil the apartment and premises, grounds, common areas, walks, parking areas, landscaping, or gardens.
  • Tenant agrees to register, license, and immunize the pet(s) in accordance with local laws and requirements and other enforceable regulations regarding any pet.
  • Tenant agrees to clean up after the pet(s) and agrees to accept full responsibility and liability for any damage, injury, or actions arising from or caused by the pet(s).
  • Tenant agrees to not leave food or water for the pet or any other animal outside the dwelling.

The tenant agrees to observe the following regulations:

  • Dogs and cats must be always controlled and kept on a short leash while in common areas or on the grounds.
  • Proper disposal of cat litter (securely bagged) will be done on a frequent basis to ensure that there is no odor.
  • Dogs shall not be chained to a stake and left unattended.
  • Cats must be spayed or neutered with proof from a veterinary.
  • DNA Testing
    • A mouth swab shall be taken from all dogs for DNA
    • There will be a one-time $50 charge per dog paid by tenant for this test
    • Any dog waste disposed of by landlord shall be DNA
    • Failure by tenant to properly dispose of any dog waste shall result in a $100 charge per occurrence and shall be regarded as a violation of the lease.
    • A third occurrence will result in you removing your dog from the property.

Landlord may introduce further criteria to the pet policy at any time.

Prohibited Breeds:

No aggressive dogs will be allowed. Landlord reserves the right to make final determination of eligibility based on various factors including but not limited to appearance, temperament, personality, and behavioral history.

Akitas – Alaskan Malamute – Cane Corso – Chow Chow – Doberman Pinscher – German Shepherd Great Dane – Mastiff – Mixed Breeds – Pit Bull Terrier – Presa Canario – Rottweiler – Siberian Huskie – Staffordshire Terrier – Wolf-hybrids – All terriers – Mixed breeds with any of the above restricted breeds.

Caged Animals:

A tenant may not have more than two caged animals at any one time. Caged animals may not be bred. A caged animal should not be allowed outside of its cage or tank without direct supervision of the tenant. Caged animals allowed are gerbils, guinea Pigs, hamsters, rabbits. All other caged animal, rodents or insects are not permitted.

Updated 01/23/2023

Photo by miz fiat from Flickr using Creative Commons license.

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