dog and cat cuddling on chairLife can be ruff. Or maybe for you, it’s purrrfect. But whether your furry favorites go ruff or purr, we’ve got the solution: a pet friendly home at Decker Properties. Here’s everything you need to know:


DATE: __________________ LANDLORD: Decker Properties, Inc.

TENANT: ________________________________________ APARTMENT_______________

Fees: Rent Security Deposit
• 1 dog: $35 per month + $200 refundable extra security deposit $_______ $_______
• 2 dogs: $50 per month + $200 refundable extra security deposit $_______ $_______
• 1 dog, 1 cat: $50 / month + $200 refundable extra security deposit $_______ $_______
• 1 cat: $25 per month; no additional security deposit $_______ $_______
• 2 cats: $40 per month; no additional security deposit $_______ $_______

Pet’s owner agrees to the following terms and conditions.

1. Only the pet(s) listed and described below are authorized to be kept in the premises. Weight limit on dogs: 30 lbs. If two dogs, combined weight cannot exceed 35 lbs.

2. Pet(s) will not cause danger, damage, nuisance, noise, health hazard, or soil the apartment and premises, grounds, common areas, walks, parking areas, landscaping or gardens. Tenant agrees to clean up after the pet(s) and agrees to accept full responsibility and liability for any damage injury, or actions arising from or caused by the pet(s). No aggressive dogs will be allowed. Determining what constitutes an aggressive dog will be at Landlord’s sole discretion.

3. Tenant agrees to not leave food or water for the pet or any other animal outside the dwelling.

4. Minimum credit score from at least one adult named in the lease: 650

5. Tenant agrees to register, license and immunize the pet(s) in accordance with local laws and requirements.

6. Renters insurance will be mandatory for any Tenant with a dog. Such renters insurance policy will include coverage for personal injury liability resulting from any actions by the dog. Landlord shall be named as additional insured.

7. Landlord may introduce further criteria to the pet policy at any time.

8. The tenant agrees to observe the following regulations:

Dogs and cats must be controlled at all times and kept on a short leash while in common areas or on the grounds. Proper disposal of cat litter (securely bagged) will be done on a frequent basis to insure that there is no odor. Tenant must immediately dispose of any dog waste.

Birds will be properly caged. Seeds and droppings will be cleaned up frequently to prevent accumulation and/or damage to carpeting/floors.

9. Pet(s) description: Kind Type or Breed Color Name Age Weight
______ _______________ ______ ________ ____ ______
______ _______________ ______ ________ ____ ______

LANDLORD: _______________________

TENANT:__________________________ TENANT:__________________________
April 24, 2015

Photo by miz fiat from Flickr using Creative Commons license.