5 Ways to Shopping Savings This Holiday Season

If inflation has invaded your budget to the point where you’re going to look like Ebenezer Scrooge, consider these five tactics to stretch your savings to put you back in good standing with your old buddy Bob Cratchit.

  1. Compare pricing. That smart phone isn’t just for selfies with Santa.  And you can be more sophisticated than just doing an internet search on an item.  No surprise, there’s an app for that, like ShopSavvy, Camelizer and PayPay Honey.
  2. Shop Early and Often. Starting earlier may help score the best deals.  Look for coupons.
  3. Tag team offers and deals. There can be coupons with cash back offers on the same item.  Explore Rakuten, CouponCabin and Ibotta.
  4. Get to know local small business owners and managers. Maybe they’ll cut you a break or help you find a deal.
  5. Talk to those on gift list about scaling back. This is where Jacob Marley meets Ebenezer Scrooge in a mutual decision to just make do with less.

Merry Christmas!


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