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Making a Budget

Balancing a budget is easier when living in one of our Fond Du Lac apartments

Young woman in apartment making a budget

Here is an excerpt of another interesting article that I found, that I would like to share with you.

Budgets are the only practical way to get a grip on spending, and to make sure your money is being used the way you want it to be. Personal-finance programs or websites like Quicken and offer built-in budgeting tools that can create your budget for you.

Every time you make a deposit, write a check, pay a credit card bill or dispatch an electronic payment, you can assign it to a particular category, like “salary,” “clothing,” “groceries,” “child care” or “health insurance.”

Some programs will allow you to download your payments and deposits directly from the bank, rather than having to enter them by hand. The downloaded transactions will often show up without any categorization — meaning you’ll have to add the categories yourself. Sometimes, they come with categories attached, but they aren’t always right, so check them.

Such programs often have an automatic budget creation feature that scans your spending in the past in order to estimate how much you’ll spend going forward.

If your finances aren’t wired, you can still get a good handle on your spending the old fashioned way. Start by . . .

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Its easier to balance your budget when you rent one of our affordable Fond Du Lac apartments Our Fond Du Lac apartments include our City Center Lofts or at The Fairways. Both offer affordable accomodations for the person who wants to budget their dollars. Call (920) 922-2757 to schedule a showing.