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Checks Are So 20th Century!

Decker online payment access, it works for paying the rent on your Little Chute apartmentAh the good old days. Hand crank starting your car. The romantic glow from those kerosene lamps. The flushed cheeks from standing too close to the fire started by those kerosene lamps….

Good grief, who needs all that old stuff! Thank goodness for modern technology. So long as you’re dumping that 8-track tape player, what about paying your rent by check? Your landlord doesn’t still expect you to do that do they? What’s next – you have to send the check by Pony Express?

How to pay the rent for your Little Chute apartment?

At Decker Properties, you can pay your rent securely online. We don’t keep any of your information. Your social security number is never entered into our property management software and you don’t need to enter it to make an online payment. Your routing number and account number is not kept in our system.

In short, you can pay for your beautiful Little Chute apartment when and where you want and it’s free. No waiting on the mail and having to beg your neighbor to sell you a stamp. But there’s more.

Our online payment access portal (see picture above) allows you to view your entire account online – every charge and payment is available for your review. Not sure if what your balance is? Can’t remember how much your rent was? Stumped about the meaning of life? We can’t help you with that meaning of life thing, but the rest of those answers and more are just a few clicks away.

So whip out your smart phone and take care of business. And send those checks to the curator at the Museum of Antiquities.