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The Walkable Lifestyle – What It’s All About

Enjoy a walkable lifestyle at our new Madison apartment

Enjoying a walkable lifestyle

Soon enough, our cars will be able to drive themselves. Until then, we seem to be increasingly willing to forgo getting behind the wheel and trading it all in for the latest transportation technology since the discovery of fire – walking.

Let’s face it, being stuck in traffic is not all that it’s cracked up to be. Even if you’ve got your favorite tunes cranking on your 8-track tape player, it’s still better to be out in the fresh air walking and getting some exercise. And that is what people seem to be increasingly determined to do.

Which means that being able to walk to work and play is all the new thing, not to mention the more mundane like walking to places like the grocery store. In other words, we’re going to turn back the clock about one hundred years to a time when if you wanted to go somewhere, you were probably walking to get there.

That translates to a more dense, urban environment. Mixed use development is becoming all the rage – put the retail at street level, the offices above that and the penthouse apartment up in the sky. I don’t live in a penthouse, but I’m just 1.5 miles from my office, and I often walk too.

With obesity an increasing problem, people are trying to shoe-horn a little exercise into their schedule. And why not rob your commuting time and do away with that health club membership all in one fell swoop by walking where ever you go?

Our latest development – a Madison apartment with a Walkable Lifestyle

the Catalina Crossing, a Madison apartment, Wisconsin will have many features conducive to a walkable lifestyle such as bike racks, and pedestrian friendly design even though this is a suburban location. We’re hoping to break ground in the fall of 2016. Stay tuned here for more news on our Madison apartment development!