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Ten Security Measures Part 2

Somehow, it seems appropriate to talk about security measures on Halloween. After all, it’s trick or treat season. So welcome back to our second installment of 10 Security Measures to Protect Your Home.

6. Buy a timer – leave the light on. Remember those old Motel 6 advertisements featuring Tom Bodett that ended with, “… and we’ll leave the light on for you?” It’s a good idea to leave a light plugged into one of those hardware store timers and they only cost about $5.

7. Get to know the neighbors at your Racine apartment – have them keep watch when you’re gone. If they can be trusted. Otherwise, they’re one of those strangers that you shouldn’t share your schedule with that we talked about last time.

8. Be careful about sharing your keys. Maybe it doesn’t hurt to have a key with a neighbor in case you get locked out. Or maybe it does.

A security measure: hiding a key in a fake rock at your Racine apartment9. Be careful about hidden keys. Hey, those key hider rocks you can get at the hardware store are so clever! You don’t think the bad guys have ever thought of these? Think they can find it at your Racine apartment?

10. Play nice with your ex. The leading cause of most “thefts?” The disgruntled ex-boyfriend or girlfriend come back to get their stuff. At least that’s their point of view.

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