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Ten Questions for Your Apartment Hunt

Ten questions to ask when looking for a Fond du Lac apartmentUnless you’re used to living in hotels, changing your address is a potentially stressful undertaking. Here are ten quick ideas on how to make the transition smoother.

1. Roommates or Solo?

Having a roommate means being less lonely, always having someone around to help and saving money. Or it might mean a loss of privacy and relationship nightmares. A lot depends on you and your roommates’ personalities and compatibility.

2. If going solo, is a studio or one bedroom best?

The answer might be the one bedroom if you plan on having friends over often. But if you are just looking for a place to crash and budgeting is a concern, then maybe the studio is for you.

3. How many bathrooms?

Having two bathrooms might help keep two roommates friendly a little longer. But no fighting over the walk-in heated tile shower. And there’s nothing like a few kids in the home to help you appreciate having a second bathroom. On the other hand, a single parent and a child can probably get by just fine with one.

4. What about your commute?

You might save on rent by living out in the sticks, but will you give back all of the saving at the gas pump? Unless you like driving in rush hour traffic, maybe finding an apartment closer to work is the better choice even if it’s a little more expensive. Or maybe you prefer the peace and quiet of being out in the country.

5. What about other location concerns?

If you love golf, you might consider living at the Fairways Apartments where every apartment has a view of the golf course. For the more urban among us, there’s the City Center building, a Fond du Lac apartment with panoramic views from the upper floors of this four-story building. Or consider the panorama of the highland vista from the Willow Grove Apartments in Pewaukee.

6. What is the best floor for you to live on?

Do you like the idea of being upstairs with no one walking on your ceiling or do you prefer the convenience of being on the first floor?

7. What about affordability?

Find out what utilities are included in the rent. If you are paying the heat, it might be a good idea to call the utility company to get the average billing for the apartment you’re considering. Utility bills are a matter of public record. Or better still, just move into one of the energy efficient apartments offered by Decker Properties!

8. What about expediting the screening process?

If you have a copy of your credit report, bring that with you. Ditto a copy of your paystub or any other proof of income. Make sure you have accurate and current phone numbers for present and past landlords too.

9. What about pets?

Are they allowed? Is there an extra charge?

10. Will you need a guarantor?

If you’re young or if your background is a checkered, you might want to enlist a co-signor before you ever get started and fall in love with an apartment that you can’t have.