Super Bowl Sunday!

Hey it’s Super Bowl Sunday, let’s have a party.

Ok, so the Super Bowl was weeks ago, hope your team won. But that doesn’t mean we can’t still take a fresh look at how to have a good time without annoying your neighbors – or getting arrested.

If it’s time to kick your heels up a bit and have an apartment party, give this list a moment of thought to help you stay on good terms with everyone around you:

1. Think guest list. Maybe, based on past experience, it would be better not to invite Booze Hound Bob.
2. Think entertainment. Getting together for the big game? Or is it movie night? Try to have a purpose to your gathering so that it doesn’t degrade into a contest of who can pound down the most beer bongs.
3. Think courtesy. Let the neighbors know you’re having a little gathering. Ask them to call you if it’s getting a little loud and give them your number. Better yet, invite them too.
4. Think clean up. Make sure your party doesn’t spill out onto the lawn or the common hallways that don’t belong exclusively to you. Or if they do, make sure you clean up promptly. It will be as if you and your 500 friends were never even there.
5. Think menu. You don’t have to serve only beer and alcohol. Have other non-impairing refreshments available. And serve food. You know what your mother told you about drinking on an empty stomach.

Heed these warnings and you won’t have your apartment party crashed by men in blue.

You can live a chic urban party lifestyle at the new City Center Lofts, where you can walk to everything that’s happening in Fond du Lac. Or, you can enjoy golf course views and all the good life has to offer, and host a party at The Fairways Apartments also in Fond du Lac. Call (262) 785-0840 and let’s get this party started!

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