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Living Alone For The First Time

freedom comicOK, that whole roommate thing is over. Time to strike out on your own, cut the apron strings, forge your own path. Or something like that. It’s good to know that you’ve still got that pioneer spirit, but in case the prospect of having your own four walls seems a little daunting, here’s a few tips to make the transition easier:

Set up a budget. If you were bunking up with Mom and Dad before, there’s a whole host of expenses that you may have overlooked. Like how about laundry detergent? That stuff’s not cheap. Better get one of those budgeting apps so you don’t miss something. In the meantime, you can suds your duds at the Rivercourt Apartments, where we’ve got the cleanest, best lit laundry room in town. Or try out the Mayfair Apartments or Wilson Heights Apartments in Harford, Washington Heights Apartments or Washington Manor apartments in Horicon, or the Fairways Apartments in Fond du Lac, where laundry appliances are included.

Learn something about cooking. Unless you want to eat cold cereal for dinner every night, a few cooking pointers might not hurt. Me, I’m a big fan of microwave ready meals. And watch that whole buying in bulk thing. I know the refrigerators at the City Center Lofts in Fond du Lac look like they were sized to feed the 5th Marine Division, but take it easy. Remember, it’s just you.

Try to stay organized. Those studio apartments at Georgetown Square are big, but they’re still just one room. You don’t want your friends to come over and see your underwear hanging from the bathroom door knob. While there’s undeniable freedom in tossing your clothes on the floor and changing into sweatpants after a long day, know the difference between indulging in personal space and crossing into the “slob zone.”

Keeping up with vacuuming, dishes and sweeping is either five minutes a day or – someone please get me the biohazard suit – once a month for several hours. Why not stay up with it and you’re always ready for company and the neighbors will never complain about the smell.

Think security. Alone and single female? You don’t need to pack some heat, but just a first initial and last name on the mail box is good enough. And be careful what you’re posting on social media. Creepy dudes have Facebook too.