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How to Beat Clutter – Part 3

How are you doing with all that clutter? Should we send you your own dumpster? Keep going with these final tips in Part 3 in How to Beat Clutter:

19. Go vertical. If you weren’t convinced to get rid of those single use seldom used kitchen gadgets, at least store them up high in your cabinets. Think altitude for those seldom used items.
20. Banish dusting. If you have some display items that you just can’t part with, consider putting them in a display case where they won’t accumulate dust and require attention.
21. Banish swag. You may be the king of free stuff, but do you really need another T-shirt, water bottle, calendar or another bobble head doll?
22. Hello garage sale. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Swap your junk for some cash.
23. Put your closets on overtime. Most closets just have a standard pole and shelf. Maybe yours needs a custom closet job with storage towers and shoe racks.
24. Think big. Maybe there’s just too much furniture in your house. Less is more. Less looks cleaner.
25. Think multi-purpose in furniture. Maybe a trunk doubles as a coffee table. Or a bench with storage below. Beds with built in drawers at the floor.
26. Make purging a habit. Put it on the calendar for once a month.
27. Keep a donation box handy. And keep filling it.