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How to Beat Clutter – Part 2

We’re back for Part 2 in How to Beat Clutter:

10. Lists, lists everywhere. Where did I put that list? Maybe you have lists that are turning into clutter. Would a wipe off board work better? Or maybe you should go electronic.

11. Think of new storage solutions. There are low profile bins with wheels designed to slide under a bed. Get creative and turn dead space into seasonal storage areas.

12. Don’t buy if you can rent. Try not to buy anything you’ll only use once.

13. Think registries. If you’re getting married or for whatever reason expecting gifts, make the gift givers aware of what you really want somehow. Otherwise, you’re going to wind up with a bunch of junk you don’t want that you think you have to keep.

14. Think quality versus quantity. Another idea for those gift givers.

15. Limit souvenirs. Do you really want to tote that stuff around the rest of your life?

16. Think scanner. Scan those documents and old photos and file them electronically.

17. Think streaming. And get rid of those old movies that are cluttering up the joint.

18. What about the garage? Has it become a dumping ground? Think of it like any other room in the house and get busy.

Come back next time for the third and final installment of How to Beat Clutter.