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Southeastern Wisconsin Apartments for Rent

Four Tips for Apartment Hunting

Whether you’re moving out of your folks place for the first time or you’ve been transferred for the 100th time, here’s a few tips to make your next choice a great one.

  1. Consider future needs. Moving is no fun and it’s expensive.  If you can, try to anticipate what the future may bring.  Will you be working from home? What about proximity to schools or availability of day care? Or maybe kids aren’t in the equation and you’d like to be walkable to the arts and nightlife.
  2. Look for flexible spaces. That home office could double as a guest room, nursery or kids room as your circumstances change.
  3. Get to know the area. If you’re new in town, how does your neighborhood feel at night? How is the commute to work? What’s the availability of the places you frequent – the grocery store, health club, library and jogging trail are just a few of the things you could be thinking about.
  4. Research your landlord. Your landlord will check you out.  Maybe you should check them out.  For more on this topic, see my blog post Check Out Your Landlord.

Look no further than Catalina Crossing – a place you’ll love to call home.

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