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Extreme Makeover in Horicon

image of Washington Heights Apartments in Horicon WisconsinYou’ve seen it before. The ducklings become swans with the help from a personal trainer, a hair stylist and a little cosmetic surgery.

We skipped the personal trainer, but everything else about our remodeling project at the Washington Heights Apartments in Horicon was extreme.

We tore off the balconies that used to be on the bedrooms and put them on the living rooms where they belonged. We replaced the parking lot and did the landscaping over again. A little exterior siding and all new windows and doors and everything on the building exterior that’s visible to the eye looks brand new.

But we didn’t stop there. On the inside, we tore out walls to open up the floor plans. We completely reconfigured the kitchens to add more room and cabinetry. We took the bathroom down to the wall studs and started over. We ditched the water heaters that were taking up too much room in the bedroom closets so you would have more room for that new wardrobe you deserve. Then, you can’t have all those fancy clothes without the latest in front load laundry technology, so we included that too.

Top it all off with new hardwood flooring, all new woodwork and new appliances and you’ve got the equivalent of new construction. I’d tell you how old this sweetheart of a building really is, but it’s not polite to tell people a ladies’ age.

Check out the pictures of the Washington Heights Apartments on the web site, or better still, come see it for yourself to see what a little TLC and a whole gob of money can do!