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Southeastern Wisconsin Apartments for Rent

Coming Soon To Your Neighborhood in 3-D!

It’s not the latest movie or even one of those crazy thrill rides. It’s the latest contraption from a 3-D printer, only this time it’s the house you live in.

You heard that right, some day we’ll be living in houses printed out by a machine. And not in some distant future in a galaxy far, far away. These kind of buildings are already being created from California to China. Why not a new Hartford apartment?

A fast hardening concrete paste is applied through a nozzle suspended by an overhead crane according to the design input into a computer. The advantage is the massive savings in labor and reduced waste, not to mention a sturdy home impervious to termites!

So when will all of us be living in one of these homes? That’s a little hard to predict. In addition to technological hurdles, there are also political hurdles related to building codes and standards.

So for now, still plan on making your home at a Hartford apartment at the Wilson Heights Apartments, or the Fairways Apartments in Fond du Lac, Mayfair Apartments in Waupun, or Willow Grove Apartments in Pewaukee. While not quite from outer-space, I think you’ll agree these buildings are like new.