How to Win Friends and Influence People


Landlords and tenants always get along just fine.  And there’s this government official in Nigeria who is going to send me millions of dollars if I just give him all of my bank account information.

Or maybe not.

We aren’t going to be able to help you recover your money if you fell for a Nigerian email scam, but we can help you get all of your security deposit back. The key is to document the condition of your apartment when you move in.

You’ll find this is really easy to do. At Decker Properties, you’ll get a move in condition report to fill out before you move in. Here’s a little secret: plan on scheduling a separate appointment to fill out this report. You don’t want to wait until move in day to try to fill out the form while your friends are cooling their heels down by the U-Haul, thinking about all that pizza you’d better be getting them. No doubt someone will move in a couch and put it right over that stain in the carpet before you even knew it was there.

So make a separate appointment to complete the move in condition paperwork. At Decker Properties, you’ll find that in the unlikely event there are any defects, we’ll even point them out to you. Then we’ll leave you alone in your new home to crawl around on your hands and knees for hours with a flashlight, if you like. You can also take pictures. Remember to smile. When you’re satisfied with your inspection, return the form to your onsite manager for review.

Just because we’re so nice, not to mention good looking, we’ll even let you keep the form and add to it for the first seven days you live in your new home. Contact us if you find a problem. After all, it’s easy to overlook something the first time you see it, even if you wore a hole through the knees in your pants doing all of that crawling around.

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