The New Kid on the Block – Catalina Crossing Apartments in Madison!

Madison Catalina Crossing Apartments artists renderingThis kid is going to be a real contender. One that you’ve never seen before.

Oh sure, there’s the walk-in showers. But that’s been done before – at the Mayfair Apartments in Waupun and at the new Wilson Heights Apartments in Hartford. But they’ve never been seen before in apartments in Madison, but they’re here now and it’s about time. Isn’t Madison supposed to be the progressive city?

But we said this one was a contender. So there’s got to be more. Granite countertops? Sure, Catalina’s got ‘em, but that’s still not enough.

What about battleship size square footage? Now we’re getting warmer. At 1,775 square feet, Catalina Crossing has the largest apartments around Mad town.

But here’s the knock out punch: A three car attached garage! Can this be for real? Better call (262) 785-0840 today to find out.

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