Moving in Together for the First Time

Two men struggling over a money bagCongratulations newlywed! So you’re ready to move in together, now what? You have to prepare for the new shared space and experiences, but with the right planning, your move should be a smooth transition into a new lifestyle. There are several things to think about when moving:

Should I Keep, Sell, or Buy?

Since you are combining two lifestyles, you are going to have double the items. Often apartments don’t have enough storage space to accommodate duplicate pieces, so you’ll have to sort through and find opportunities for each item. If you have two couches, but one is newer and comfier than the other, try listing items on easy online selling platforms like Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist to make some money back to aid with moving costs. You may also find that both of you are lacking in items like a dining room table, or chairs. Use extra money as an opportunity to shop for new and durable furniture items you’ve both been eyeing, like these pieces here. Exploring websites and stores with your husband or wife will be a fun memory and allow you to merge your style interests to pick the perfect items for your spot. Parting with furniture can be tough, however, especially if you’ve had it for years; but starting a new life together suggests some new furniture to complement a space shared by two people ready to start a life as a married couple. It’s also important that you never give away sentimental items like picture books or memory boxes; sometimes you must find space under beds or in closets to keep the things that aren’t always looked at, but you’re not ready to let go of. This will prevent any later regrets if you want to recall memories.

Overall you can’t go wrong with a new couch or keeping the items you already own — there’s always time to change your lifestyle, and that includes waiting for the right financial time for you and your counterpart.

Inviting Friends

Although you may want the move to be an intimate effort between the two of you, that’s nearly impossible unless you have a moving crew to carry the larger items, especially if you must take the stairs in an apartment building. Use this occasion to invite your friends and family to help. This is a great way for your loved ones to mingle, while also getting the strength you need on a stressful day. It’s nice to include your friends and family during the move because they’re able to contribute to whatever you may need that is missing. Items they’ve been looking to give away may be something you need to complete your new space. If you want to vamp up the day, order some pizzas and offer coffee and water throughout for anyone who needs some energy to help finish the move.

Open Communication

You and your spouse will be presented with many communication challenges throughout a move, but it is important to be open and honest with one another. You are looking to go from living in separate locations to merging lifestyles which can be stressful and uncomfortable at times. Have a system of communication where you can voice your opinions and problems in a relaxing way. Take a few days a week to spend a meal with your partner where you go over any thoughts you have about moving or even some ideas about items you need. It boils down to being able to have time to reflect and work together as a couple to make this time the happiest in your life.

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