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Southeastern Wisconsin Apartments for Rent

Live Like a King

Until you hit the lottery, we’ve got a solution for you. Call the Mayfair Apartments in Waupun home and enjoy the good life without having to put up with all of those pesky relatives wanting to share in your lottery windfall.

That’s not to say that you can’t brag to your relations about your custom heated tile walk-in shower, huge walk-in closets, cathedral ceilings, front load laundry technology and extra deep two car garage. And if that doesn’t impress them, then tell them the whole thing was built by Amish craftsmen.

Go ahead and share that walk-in showers are a feature typically only seen in homes costing a million dollars or more. You’ll probably have to explain that this is no want-a-be shower. It’s not a walk-in shower unless there’s no shower door and no shower curtain. It’s not often that you get to brag about the stuff you don’t have, but who wants to clean shower doors and curtains anyway? It just distracts from counting your millions.

And until you get a butler, you can use the butler’s quarters as your walk-in closet, because I’m pretty sure you’d be able to get a bed and a good sized dresser in there. While we can’t promise you a butler, you’ll find that our staff is Johnny on the spot when it comes time for maintenance. Maybe if you even ask nicely, they’ll pull your limo around front for you every now and then.

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