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How to Use Magic to Get a Bigger Security Deposit Refund

Here is an area of frequent landlord – tenant friction: the security deposit refund. At Decker Properties, we would prefer to make a full refund to everyone. Then there is no dispute.

So we work hard at that goal. We share a cleaning checklist with each tenant that has given notice to vacate. We even offer to have our maintenance staff help with moving appliances to clean under or around them. Further, we fill nail holes for free. So don’t fill them with toothpaste!

Finally, we throw in the first hour of cleaning for free. That way, even if you missed something, you could still get a full refund.

But the topic of this post is to give you one more tool in your arsenal to increase your chances of a big refund. And that tool is magic. Actually, it’s Magic Erasers.

Magic Erasers are a white cleaning sponge. They are particularly effective at removing scuff marks or blemishes on a wall. You simply wet the sponge and wipe. That’s it. There is no need to rinse and there are no other steps. So easy and inexpensive.

So try Magic Erasers. They are available at most grocery stores or hardware stores and they would be in the same aisle as other cleaning products or sponges.

And why wait until you’re moving out? You can keep your walls looking like they were freshly painted the entire time you’re living in your apartment with hardly any effort at all.

It’s so easy, it’s like magic.