Energy Savings Tips

EnergyStar-Money Isn't All You're SavingBefore you get an energy bill that looks like it was inspired by the national debt, better consider these ideas:

1. Move to an apartment like Rivercourt in Milwaukee, Mayfair in Waupun, Skyview in Little Chute, the new Wilson Heights in Hartford, Madison Square in Waupun, Diversey Manor in Whitefish Bay, Jarvis Street in Shorewood, 827 Phoenix in Delavan, or 1450 Coachlight in New Berlin where Decker Properties provides the heat.

2. Move to an apartment like Willow Grove in Pewaukee, Riverdale in Little Chute, Rensway in Waupun, Washington Heights and Washington Manor in Horicon, the new City Center in Fond du Lac, Georgetown Square in Racine, or Country Village in Waupun, where the energy efficiency upgrades include new windows, added insulation and maintenance to caulking and weather stripping to make sure your well-maintained home is also energy efficient.

3. Use LED bulbs. They last forever and use little power.

4. Don’t let your faucets leak! Prompt attention from our maintenance staff is just a click or a call away.

5. Keep a lid on a pot that you’re bringing to boil. And don’t forget to invite me over for lunch once and a while.

6. Turn the heat down while you’re gone.

7. Don’t let the faucet run while you brush your teeth.

8. Do you really have to shower all day like that?

9. A shower usually uses less water than a bath.

10. Wash laundry with cold water whenever you can.

11. You could skip the dry cycle on the dishwasher and just leave the dishwasher door open and let the dishes dry naturally – say overnight.

12. Look for a two-stage flush toilet like we’re introducing in many of our apartments.

There are better things to spend your money on than high energy bills!

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