Car Theft Quiz

Bentley Continental GTHere’s a fun little quiz to help you put the brakes on car theft:

1. What months are highest for car thefts?
A. December and January – Got to pay for Christmas somehow!
B. July and August – beat the heat in the five-finger discount ride.
C. April and May – Spring into summer in a fresh set of somebody else’s wheels.
D. October and November – Bring a new dimension to trick or treat.

The correct answer is B, July and August.

2. According to the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration, how often is a car stolen in the United States?
A. Every 44 seconds
B. Every 60 seconds
C. Every 3 minutes
D. Every 5 minutes

The correct answer is A, every 44 seconds.

3. What can you do to keep from being a victim?
A. Remove all valuables that might be visible in the car.
B. Lock doors and make sure windows and sunroof are closed.
C. Never leave the car running unattended, say when trying to warm the car up in winter.
D. Park in a well-lit parking lot, like the one’s at Rivercourt, Riverdale or Madison Square apartments run by responsible property management firms like Decker Properties, Inc.
E. All of the above.

Of course the answer is E, All of the above!

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