A Tip On Saving Your Apartment From Catastrophic Loss

 fire trucksIt’s not supposed to happen. Your life was supposed to be a fairy tale of good fortune. You were supposed to get married to the princess (or prince) and live happily ever after.

Meanwhile, here in the real world, things can go wrong. We can’t help you with your love life, but there is a remedy just in case your whole world goes up in smoke or everything you own gets blown across five zip codes in a storm. That remedy is renters insurance.

Renters Insurance is a happy thing. Never mind that the new apartments at Decker Properties are all equipped with fire suppression sprinklers, if your stuff gets wet it could still be ruined. So here’s the deal: get renters insurance.

Renters Insurance is cheap, just a few bucks per month. Any agent can help you, but in case you need a referral, just contact us at Decker Properties and we’ll set you up with our agent. We’ll even tell him to bring you one of those pocket calendars.

That beats relying on the landlord’s insurance policy, which specifically excludes the personal property contents of the building. Excluding the personal property contents is a polite and fancy was of saying you’re not insured!

So get that renters insurance policy. And say hello to the princess for me.

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