Energy Savings Tips

energystar money isnt all youre saving 300x184Before you get an energy bill that looks like it was inspired by the national debt, better consider these ideas:
  1. Move to an apartment like Rivercourt in Milwaukee, Mayfair in Waupun, Skyview in Little Chute, the new Wilson Heights in Hartford, Madison Square in Waupun, Diversey Manor in Whitefish Bay, Jarvis Street in Shorewood, 827 Phoenix in Delavan, or 1450 Coachlight in New Berlin where Decker Properties provides the heat.
  2. Move to an apartment like Willow Grove in Pewaukee, Riverdale in Little Chute, Rensway in Waupun, Washington Heights and Washington Manor in Horicon, the new City Center in Fond du Lac, Georgetown Square in Racine, or Country Village in Waupun, where the energy efficiency upgrades include new windows, added insulation and maintenance to caulking and weather stripping to make sure your well-maintained home is also energy efficient.
  3. Use LED bulbs. They last forever and use little power.
  4. Don’t let your faucets leak! Prompt attention from our maintenance staff is just a click or a call away.
  5. Keep a lid on a pot that you’re bringing to boil. And don’t forget to invite me over for lunch once and a while.
  6. Turn the heat down while you’re gone.
  7. Don’t let the faucet run while you brush your teeth.
  8. Do you really have to shower all day like that?
  9. A shower usually uses less water than a bath.
  10. Wash laundry with cold water whenever you can.
  11. You could skip the dry cycle on the dishwasher and just leave the dishwasher door open and let the dishes dry naturally – say overnight.
  12. Look for a two-stage flush toilet like we’re introducing in many of our apartments.
There are better things to spend your money on than high energy bills!


Super Bowl Sunday!

i don t even know how i got back to my crib last night 226x300Hey it’s Super Bowl Sunday, let’s have a party.

Ok, so the Super Bowl was weeks ago, hope your team won. But that doesn’t mean we can’t still take a fresh look at how to have a good time without annoying your neighbors – or getting arrested.

If it’s time to kick your heels up a bit and have an apartment party, give this list a moment of thought to help you stay on good terms with everyone around you:

1. Think guest list. Maybe, based on past experience, it would be better not to invite Booze Hound Bob.
2. Think entertainment. Getting together for the big game? Or is it movie night? Try to have a purpose to your gathering so that it doesn’t degrade into a contest of who can pound down the most beer bongs.
3. Think courtesy. Let the neighbors know you’re having a little gathering. Ask them to call you if it’s getting a little loud and give them your number. Better yet, invite them too.
4. Think clean up. Make sure your party doesn’t spill out onto the lawn or the common hallways that don’t belong exclusively to you. Or if they do, make sure you clean up promptly. It will be as if you and your 500 friends were never even there.
5. Think menu. You don’t have to serve only beer and alcohol. Have other non-impairing refreshments available. And serve food. You know what your mother told you about drinking on an empty stomach.

Heed these warnings and you won’t have your apartment party crashed by men in blue.

You can live a chic urban party lifestyle at the new City Center Lofts, where you can walk to everything that’s happening in Fond du Lac. Or, you can enjoy golf course views and all the good life has to offer, and host a party at The Fairways Apartments also in Fond du Lac. Call (262) 785-0840 and let’s get this party started!

Why You Won’t Get Rich Flipping Houses

white house under reconstruction 300x200So you’ve just moved into your new digs at Catalina Crossing and you’re kicking back and seeing what’s on the flat screen. Why not tune in to one of those house flipper shows?

After all, while you may be living large, a little extra coin can never hurt. What about a house flipping side hustle?

Recently, an article in the Washington Post outlined why this might be harder than it looks. In other words, don’t try this at home. Here’s a summary: Continue reading

Tiny Houses

As the cost of housing increases, alternatives like Tiny Houses are cropping up.  But there can be hidden costs to a Tiny House that makes this alternate a questionable move:

1. A tiny house is hard to finance. Is it a trailer?  A house? Lenders are perplexed and not sure how to treat these things.  Plus a tiny house may not hold its value like a conventional home would.  See number seven below. Continue reading

Can I Smoke Marijuana in My Apartment?

no smoking icon 300x300More and more states are legalizing recreation marijuana use and others allow it for medicinal purposes, so what are your rights to smoke marijuana in your apartment? What if you live in a smoke free apartment complex, like Diversey Manor, or our new Catalina Crossing and Wilson Heights Apartments? In fact, now all of our locations are smoke free.

Be aware that housing providers are free to govern their housing offering in any matter they may choose to the limit of those regulations provided to shield protected class people within Fair Housing. Continue reading

Design Ideas for Small Spaces

OK, so you blew it. You should have moved into Madison’s newest development, Catalina Crossing, where apartments are as large as 1775 square feet. We call that floorplan the Sequoia. Maybe we should have called it the Shamu. While this townhouse is huge, the garage is too. You can fit three cars in your attached garage.

But I digress. We already said that you blew it. You moved somewhere else, into some cracker jack box tiny apartment and now you’re pressed like a grape for space. As always, we have the answers, with a little help from our friends at Ikea:

patio set 300x300Maybe try this patio set for your dining room:

Ditch the umbrella, but notice how the table can be expanded. In the up position shown, there’s hooks for storage.

mother in law suite bed 300x200No room for a dresser in your bedroom? Once again, at Catalina Crossing, the bedrooms are huge and they have walk-in closets. In fact, we don’t even call them closets. They’re called the mother in law suite. You just stick her in there with a bed like this one and she stores her stuff underneath:

crib bed 300x300Here’s a little something for the younger set, once again designed with efficiency in mind:

murphy bed 300x300Finally, there’s always the Murphy Bed.

murphy bed folded up 300x300I’d say hang a flat screen on the back of this thing under your bed and when you fold it up, it’s TV time.

Or of course, if you lived at Catalina Crossing, you wouldn’t have to be this clever. Hey, it’s only for a year. And then you can call us at (608) 575-4377 and get an apartment with plenty of room.

Catalina Crossing Is Changing Its Name!

nearby 300x188Construction hasn’t even been completed yet on Madison’s best and latest apartments, but we’re already realizing we’re going to have to change this property’s name. Instead of Catalina Crossing, it’s going to be Catalina Close-to-everything.

OK, so we’ve got granite counter tops, custom Amish cabinetry, stainless steel appliances, walk-in pantries, walk-in closets, in unit laundry, nine-foot ceilings, attached one, two, and yes even three car garages and enough square footage to accommodate you and your pet whale, Shamu. But what difference does that make if you’re never home to enjoy your castle because you’re forever stuck in traffic?

That’s why being Catalina Close-to-everything is so important. According to Google Maps, we’re just a 20-minute drive from the Epic campus without having to go on that miserable beltline, which looks more like a parking lot. We’re just 20 minutes to downtown, the university and the capital. We’re 20 minutes to American Family Insurance on the northeast side of town.

We won’t even brag about keeping your car out of the rain, snow and ice. For that matter, you can plug in your electric car too, your garage is prewired. And your garage space is private, attached to your apartment and included in your rent. Other complexes have more add-on charges than your cell phone carrier.

Be the first to live in these brand-new Madison apartments. Call (608) 575-4377 now before we change our name again!

The New Kid on the Block – Catalina Crossing Apartments in Madison!

madison catalina crossing apartments artists renderingThis kid is going to be a real contender. One that you’ve never seen before.

Oh sure, there’s the walk-in showers. But that’s been done before – at the Mayfair Apartments in Waupun and at the new Wilson Heights Apartments in Hartford. But they’ve never been seen before in apartments in Madison, but they’re here now and it’s about time. Isn’t Madison supposed to be the progressive city?

But we said this one was a contender. So there’s got to be more. Granite countertops? Sure, Catalina’s got ‘em, but that’s still not enough.

What about battleship size square footage? Now we’re getting warmer. At 1,775 square feet, Catalina Crossing has the largest apartments around Mad town.

But here’s the knock out punch: A three car attached garage! Can this be for real? Better call (262) 785-0840 today to find out.

The Top Six Tenant Complaints

complaint department take a number 245x300Our friends at Multifamily Insiders recently ran an article identifying the Top 6 Residential Complaints . . .

I thought they would be worth reviewing, so here they are:

1. Racial Discrimination.
Obviously, if you’re going to be denied housing unfairly, that’s not going to be a happy experience. Having taught Fair Housing seminars, we’ve made sure all our associates are well trained in the topic. And yet misunderstandings can sometimes happen. Knowing how to properly intervene early when these misunderstandings occur is important too.

2. Eviction letters and notices.
Residents resent these notices when they’re done publicly. Sadly, sometimes bad things happen to good people. Our notices are sent certified mail for the privacy of our residents. Continue reading